Feluda on Kindle and other e-book readers – a Christmas wish

Let’s face it, as the world moves, so do we. And frankly many of us to do not find the time to sit down to read the Feluda books any more since we are constantly on the move.

E-book readers are hot-sellers these days, with Amazon’s Kindle doing especially brisk business. I have to confess that I still like the feel and the smell of new books, but  Ananda Publishers has compiled Feluda into two volumes which are very inconvenient to carry around especially when traveling. The advantage modern e-books have over paper books is that they are light and you can store many volumes in one reader. The advantage they have over laptops, and mobile devices such as the BlackBerry and the iPhone, is that because of electronic paper technology there is very little eye-strain. So, in  a nutshell, e-book readers combine the readability of traditional books with the storage and wireless downloading capacity of mobile devices.

If you search for e-books in Bengali on Google, you will find hundreds of thousands of hits that will lead to sites that provide mostly scanned (and hence illegal) copies of books.  Apart from infringing the intellectual property rights of companies such as Ananda Publishers, these cause eye-strain and fatigue on computer screens. Although, I am not sure if there are compatibility issues with Bengali font and required file formats, I know most of the newer e-book readers support pdf and I think there are some that work in Bengali.

Here is my open request to Ananda Publishers: please come out with compatible Bengali versions of all the Feluda stories and novels that we can read on e-book readers. For Kindle this may require distribution through Amazon. If you do a market-survey you will find that I am not alone. There are many of us that will purchase the authorized e-books from you.

And while you are at it, can you please also provide Byomkesh Bakshi?

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2 responses to “Feluda on Kindle and other e-book readers – a Christmas wish

  1. Completely agree with you!
    I’m a hardcore Feluda fan and have bought an andriod reader few months back.
    It will be a dream come true if Anand publishers come out with complete collection of Satyajeet Ray.


  2. go to http://www.pathagar.net they will charge you 20$ you will get all Feluda , Sanku books in good PDF format free for lifetime, they have more than 1000 of Ebook,
    you can visit boirboi.blogspot.com for details,

    NB: all books are C&P pathagar.net

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